Web Site Content Copywriting Services


BAP Turnkey has extensive experience in writing detailed, keyword- and keyword phrase-rich content pages for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and consumer clients. With over 40 years’ combined experience in the content page writing field, our copywriters (also referred to as content page writers) have a distinctive knowledge base in various disciplines, and have written web site content pages for clients in the chemical, plastics, steel and alloys, pharmaceutical, rubber, pumps, machine shops, composites, consumer products, and many other industrial and commercial sectors. In addition, our content writing group has written pages for clients in many other product and service areas, such as law firms, vitamin manufacturers, realtors and real estate agencies, car dealerships, and chelation therapies, to name a few. Another key service offered by BAP Turnkey is our in-house bilingual content writing capability – we can translate and convert existing web sites from English to Spanish, as well as to develop new web sites in Spanish.


BAP Turnkey’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) copywriting services are similar to technical writing services that many organizations either perform in-house or sub-contract out to specialized firms. SEO copywriting requires that factors such as keywords and keyword phrase integrated placement, along with meta tags and title tags, are all expertly intertwined with the written description. With properly prepared content pages written by our experienced content writers, your BAP Turnkey-designed web site will appear prominently in organic search results when users search for those keywords and keyword phrases. Another benefit to the user will be the informative products and services content available, which can result in a higher conversion rate.


One of the most often-asked questions we get from prospective clients is – How does BAP Turnkey write comprehensive content pages for my web site? When you sign up for a complete web site, or a revision to your current site, BAP Turnkey will work with you as a partner to ensure that your site meets your current SEO/SEM needs and requirements. A content page writer is assigned to your site right from the start of your site work. Keywords and keyword phrases are identified using web-based analytical tools, and are reviewed with each client to confirm the appropriateness for your product lines and services offered. As part of our in-depth fact-finding process to write the best content pages for your site, BAP Turnkey will arrange a phone interview for you with the content writer, to review the content pages to be written. As part of this process, you will receive a Client Briefing Outline Form – this gives you an idea as to the types of questions the copywriter will be asking during the interview. Again, this form is just a guide in terms of what to expect during the fact-finding and data-gathering interview. Information such as product catalogs, data sheets, application notes, and sales literature are always helpful, and will expedite the entire process.


Once the content writer has written your content pages, the draft versions are forwarded to the client for review – edits, changes and modifications are made at this time. The revised pages are then returned to the client for final review. Once final approval is received, your pages are uploaded immediately (if BAP Turnkey is hosting your site), or can be handled by your staff.


BAP Turnkey has scores of satisfied clients, as well as customers that continue to come back to us for revisions and updates to their web sites – and we’ll be glad to provide you, the prospective client, with examples upon request. Contact the experienced specialists at BAP Turnkey today for all your content page/copywriting needs and requirements!