Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name deserves a lot of consideration. In addition to being your address on the web, they will (at least, they should) appear on all of your advertising, your letterhead, packaging, vehicles and products. You and your employees will verbally communicate your name, time and time again. Your "music on hold" systems and any broadcast advertising you do should say your web-site address.

A domain name is your address on the web. The proper name is Uniform Resource Locator, commonly called a URL. Other name "location" (used on some browsers), or just plain address.
Being creative in the Internet industry results in a success greater than just being able to design graphics. Bandwidth, browser compatibility, navigation, and user experience are all parameters affecting the final design.

For those with a technical bent, the upper domain is actually an alias for your Internet Protocol address, or IP address for short.  An IP address is kind of like a phone number that follows the format "x.x.x.x." where x = a number between 0 and 255…, as an example. The upper domain is listed in router tables around the world that equate your domain name to your IP address. When someone enters your domain name in the their browser, routers keep routing the request for your web page to other routers that keep the request moving toward, and ultimately to the machine that serves your domain name.