Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I want personal support/updates hours included?

If you want your Customers to come to your website, you MUST keep it relevant. Most web plans are setup to discourage your monthly contact.


How do we contact our support representatives?

Each customer is assigned a particular support representative.  You will be given this person's e-mail address, as well as, his direct telephone number!  This is unprecedented in the industry.

How much experience do your developers have?

All of our developers have an average of 13 years in software and computer systems. 

Who is your competition?

Some of the "cheap" web hosting companies may claim to be our competition.  However, their customer service like their hosting service is indeed cheap.  Our customer service is Elite.

How do I know my website/email is up and running?

Unlike much of our competition, we own the hardware on which most of our websites are hosted.  We monitor all websites and email servers on six minute intervals.  Any non-responding service creates email and cell phone text messages which are monitored 24/7 by our local, elite technical help desk support personnel.

How do I get my website to appear on the first page of Yahoo and Google?

The ONLY guaranteed method to appear on the first page of any search engine is to pay that engine via their Pay Per Click service.  There is absolutely, positively, no way that any service can guarantee a first page position.  There are best practices involved with first page "natural listings" (e.g. those listing for which you do not have to pay).

BAP Turnkey is well versed in these best practices and leaves no stone unturned when designing our client's internet presence such that every possible step has been taken to achieve the highest search engine results.