Web site Hosting Programs


Most professional website development companies host or sub-host on viable computer hardware and charge accordingly.  However, at BAP Turnkey, the physical hard disk for website hosting is FREE.  We are able to absorb this cost corporately as we have our own hardware.

  • Our monthly fees are primarily targeted at providing sufficient Elite Technical Helpdesk support. This concept is unique to BAP Turnkey in that each customer receives the name, email address, and telephone number of their direct help desk person. 

  • Our promise to you is that you will never be forwarded to a help desk queue. 

  • Each professional plan includes monthly time for our customers to strategize with their help desk person.  That time may be spent reviewing website statistics, reviewing keyword phrases and competitor reports, and in making any appropriate website changes.

Our Guard Plans encourage the internet best practice of actively managing your company's website on a monthly basis.