When it comes to web site development and design, two of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at BAP Turnkey are:

  •  What is your price to design a web site for my company?

  •  About how much will my web site cost?

As an experienced Internet marketing and web site design and development company, BAP Turnkey answers these questions by first asking about your specific business, your goals and your expectations.  Please keep in mind that no two web sites are exactly the same – while certain structural site layouts may be similar, an industrial, commercial, professional, retail or consumer web site must be unique to the company or organization that it represents, be structured so that the search engines organically index the information on the site, and must hold the interest of the targeted audience (once your site is visited!).  So, to answer the two questions listed above, we first do the required fact finding, which includes asking the following:

  • What is the focus of your business, and what would you like your new (or revised) web site to accomplish in terms of business goals?
  • How many product lines, services and other offerings do you want to present on your web site?  This question gives us an idea as to the number of pages that will be needed to thoroughly present your company to your audience
  • Do you have content pages written and digital images available that can be readily uploaded to the web site?  This question is a tricky one – even though you might have product or service descriptions written, the narratives may not be up to current SEO standards.  That’s why BAP Turnkey offers complete content copywriting services. 

In addition, BAP Turnkey can provide an experienced digital photographer with an extensive Internet background if you need assistance in taking digital pictures of your products, services and facilities.

  • What are your specific short- and long-term plans for your web site?  Are you looking for an informational-only site, directing your audience to contact you to place an order? Or, are you planning to offer the user the opportunity to purchase products and services directly from your site? If you will be selling products and services, will you need a “shopping cart” style configuration for ease of purchasing?

From the questions we’ve asked, you’ve probably already guessed the answer to the two initial questions above is that, unlike other web site design companies, BAP Turnkey doesn’t have “set prices” for web sites – we first do our fact finding, and then give you a quote for developing a web site based on your answers.  Again, every company and organization is different – shouldn’t your web site be unique as well?  If you require a simple web site, our design quote will reflect that; if you need a more complex and intricate site, you will be quoted an appropriate price as well.  No matter how simple or how complex, BAP Turnkey will give you a fair quote on your specific web design project.

All BAP Turnkey price quotes include Meta Tag links, digital images and any modification required, strong Title tag design for all your web pages, applicable forms, content page writing (copywriting) if required, site submission, as well as site hosting and maintenance, if required.  No extra charges will be added onto the project once a price is mutually agreed upon.  Tracking and monitoring of your site, as well as other options such as BAPLiveCHAT are available for an additional fee.

In order for us to provide you with a fair and accurate price quote, we ask you to provide as much as of the information outlined above as possible.  With decades of combined experience in all aspects of web site design and development, give the BAP Turnkey specialists a chance to exceed your web site design expectations!