Expert Guard

Today’s industrial buyers and agents expect immediate access to detailed information from perspective suppliers. The Internet is the method used to look for and access this information for industrial suppliers. Suppliers must recognize how critical development and deployment of an industrial Internet marketing strategy is to the finding new customers.

Marketing industrial products and services on the Internet is different from building and marketing a website for other types of companies such as retail businesses, financial services, or other types of industries. Expecting most general business website developers to build and help market a site for a manufacturer or distributor is less than optimal. The talented web designer who built a site last week for the local pizza store simply doesn’t have the knowledge and expertise to build and help market an industrial site. Because of the unique requirements and skills required to build, maintain, and successfully market an industrial website, we have created a program that is comprehensive for the Industrial marketplace called the ExpertGuard© Website Analytics Program.

The core content of our ExpertGuard© is focused on monthly research, evaluation, and consultation of a customer’s complete marketing initiatives. The ExpertGuard© will provide important information to our manufacturers and distributors who need to know exactly where they are receiving the best ROI on all of their Internet marketing strategies.

Our ExpertGuard© provides a structured results producing approach to develop, maintain and market an industrial web site. We focus on four key objectives Internet sites must achieve. Each month we review our client’s Internet presence and make appropriate recommendations for effectiveness and efficiencies to achieve:

Drive more qualified buyers and agents to a website

Engage site visitors with calls to action
Measure web site marketing performance based on visitor activity
Evaluate all Internet marketing initiatives to determine a better and stronger ROI
Recommend technology components to continually improve sales and profit.
Leverage our expertise to ensure optimal internet presence and budgeting