BAP Turnkey  Partner "Best Practices"

BAP Turnkey provides partners to our clients. "To partner", means to be a "co-worker and ally". Our mission is to become a partner with our clients to such an extent that we are looked upon as an ally   with a co-worker mentality. Additionally, our partners embrace the "Best Practice" philosophies, outlined below, while conducting business both internally and externally.

With regard to BAP Turnkey, and our clients, all BAP Partners have committed to:

Conduct all business in an ethical manner.

Maintain a high level of personal integrity.
Portray an "ownership" attitude about the company, the client, and its resources.
Focus on the success of the company, the client, and the project as a whole versus one's individual success.
Adopt a positive attitude toward the task at hand
Treat all partners and co-workers as valuable colleagues.
Respect all members of a team.
Consider volunteering when needed for projects
Be prepared and enthusiastic.
Share views, ideas, and concerns in efforts to enhance and improve business.
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Pro-actively reach out to help and support others
Check e-mail and phone messages frequently and return all messages promptly
Encourage growth and development.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Respect the differences among us.
When in doubt, ask an Executive Partner or the client, whomever is appropriate.