Search Engine Marketing

BAP Turnkey is a dedicated Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization company that not only promotes but educates your business on the values of effective web site promotion and achieving high rankings on search engines.

Our goal is to improve your web site's ranking with the most popular search engines is by using competitive research, statistical analysis of keywords, sophisticated software and "thinking like a customer in need of a solution." This is "not" simply submitting your pages to hundreds of search engines. This is a highly technical process to reach more qualified customers by driving traffic to your web site by optimizing your pages for improved rankings in the most popular search engines.

BAP Turnkey web site promotion process brings you, our client, through every step and helps your company become even more ambitious on the internet. Our 21 steps web site marketing plan is much maligned for not only getting the best result but also for educating our clients on the entire internet marketing campaign process.

The team of experts at BAP Turnkey Marketing has designed services that include ALL of these components as standard features, and exceed the service offerings found at most other companies. We have dedicated technical support as well as separate programming management staff to make sure we are exceeding the service needs of our clients, and multiple teams of technicians that know SEO inside out.

Our services are tailored to the audience of the industrial market place. For example:

  • It is sometimes right to offer large clients a combination of multi-national or national site optimization.

  • Likewise, many of our industrial clients we serve are regional with very specific geo-targeted needs where a finely focused project is the appropriate solution. We offer something for everybody as long as the project makes sense.