Out Source Online Directory Advertising


One of the most important questions for a company that is considering developing a web site or wants to improve its current web site presence is:

Should I consider outsourcing my online advertising efforts?

With our extensive experience in all facets of online advertising, the answer from the experts at BAP Turnkey is a resounding YES!  BAP Turnkey and our affiliated partners have the knowledge, experience and proven track record to assist customers and prospective clients to meet the challenges of creating a complete suite of multi-media marketing solutions and sales products tailored for your specific customer base, improve and increase customer loyalty, and aid in generating the all important qualified sales leads for your organization.  As a one-stop web-based specialist, BAP Turnkey will work with you, the client, to ensure that all your Internet marketing goals are met.

In terms of web marketing, BAP Turnkey’s expertise is all-inclusive.  We offer services including:

  • Initial design strategy, development and creation of web advertising
  • Design and production of your Internet-based ad program
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of your web site, which verifies the results expected

As part of our forward-thinking, innovative approach, BAP Turnkey is constantly developing novel, unique marketing tools and methods to assist our clients in meeting their sales goals.  To this end, BAP Turnkey is proud to introduce BAPLiveCHAT!, our latest web marketing tool.  BAPLiveCHAT! gives you the capability to provide one-on-one realtime chat assistance with prospective customers, answering visitor questions about your specific products and services.  Another added benefit of BAPLiveCHAT! is the human touch of informed, expert staff contact that you’re giving to your company website, which will certainly assist in converting leads into sales.  In addition, BAPLiveCHAT! reduces the number of visitors to your web site that leave (bounce off) your web site without getting their questions answered.

BAPLiveCHAT! is just one example of the tools that BAP Turnkey continues to develop for our existing customers and prospective clients.  For a free, no obligation demonstration of BAPLiveCHAT!, as well as a review of your online marketing and advertising goals and needs, call or email the experts at BAP Turnkey for immediate assistance!