News Release/Press Release


Along with our extensive suite of web marketing, advertising and site design and development services, BAP Turnkey offers press release and product news release writing services. Experienced BAP Turnkey writers will take the supplied information on your product and/or service, using proven search engine optimization techniques and methods; you can then post the press release or product news release on your web site, use the product release or press release in a custom emailing to prospects and clients, as well as submit the press release or new product release to free or paid business wire services. If you need assistance with the distribution of your press release, BAP Turnkey can handle that as well.


When writing a press release or product news release on a new or existing product or service for distribution on the Internet, there are two important criteria to consider. First, the product release or press release needs to be written following best search engine optimization (SEO) practices and methods, ensuring that your product release will be picked up (and ranked highly!) by Google and the other search engines. As part of this process, links within your press release article back to specific relevant pages in your website will improve search engine rankings, as well as increase and improve relevant and target traffic to your web site. Second, as you’re applying SEO best methods and practices, you must ensure that the press release on your products is informative enough to capture the reader’s interest, which will translate into calls or emails requesting more information – not to mention sales!


Writing your own press release articles and product release pieces can be daunting and time-consuming – and this is where BAP Turnkey can help. As mentioned earlier, we have experienced writers ready to develop and compose product releases and PR articles on your new and existing products and services, including case studies, new applications, expanded product lines – the sky’s the limit! BAP Turnkey will also work with you in getting your product press release noticed – we can handle it all! From industrial, commercial, and professional products and services, along with retail and consumer offerings, BAP Turnkey is your one-stop shop – contact us with all your press release and PR product release article needs!